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Last Updated 10/01/23 – Are you looking to get the many benefits of Red light therapy at home usually only available clinics and specialist beauty parlours? Then there is now a range of Red light therapy at home devices on the market.

Picture of lady using a red light therapy device at home.

Health experts agree that red light therapy has a wide range of health benefits, and there many different devices designed to target specific problems. Its growth in popularity mean the market has been flooded with many products that are high quality branded items, but also a lot of imported products that do not meet the required safety standards.

So which products are the right ones for you? to help you find the answer we have created the one-stop site for everything related to Red light therapy.

Unlike other websites our reviews are unbiased accounts.

We understand that depending on your needs only certain types of devices will be of use, so we have covered a wide range of products and narrowed down the best of them currently available. We also update our website regularly to ensure the information you receive is the best.

As well as our best Red light therapy at home reviews we also provide technical information on a wide range of red light therapy devices to help you make the correct decision.

We will answer all the questions you have like “What’s the best red light therapy for face?” or “How does red light therapy work?” and provide in depth answers to aid in your decision.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy (RLT) is a form of phototherapy that uses visible red and near-infrared light at specific wavelengths, in order to promote healing and rejuvenation. It provides a safe, low-level dosage at different depths. By targeting the mitochondria at this level, it can help improve the skin’s natural healing process.

The beneficial effects of Red light therapy are mostly attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce redness, swelling, and other signs of inflammation. Many studies have found that red and NIR light can improve cell regeneration and wound healing, as well as boost collagen production for firmer looking skin. It also helps kill acne-causing bacteria at a deeper level than topical creams or gels.

red light therapy for hands

Moreover, RLT can be used to treat various skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, wrinkles, fine lines and sun damage. The energy from the devices helps improve circulation throughout the dermal layers resulting in improved oxygenation at a cellular level. This promotes greater cell activity, leading to increased production of fibroblasts (collagen building cells) providing younger looking skin over time.

RLT devices work by emitting either one wavelength or multiple wavelengths at different pulsing rates. Different wavelengths penetrate into different layers of the skin to target specific issues while preserving healthy tissue at all times.

We thought long and hard before choosing our top three Red light therapy devices, mainly because different devices are suitable for different people. So we chose the best of the wearable, best of the masks and the best of the panel devices, and then chose our favourite of the three.

Our Review For The Best Rated Red Light Therapy At Home Devices 2023

All of the top three are excellent and useful in different applications, but the Noovaa could be used for virtually every body part so made the number one spot.









  • Clinicaly Proven

  • Penetrates up to 2" deep to heal muscles, nerves and joints

  • FDA Approved Class 2 Red Light Therapy for efficient and safe  results

  • Currently The only flexible device with 360 lights 

  • Its unique flexible design and strap enables it to penetrate 2"

  • Can be used on almost all body areas

  • FDA Approved and uses professional standard LED

  • Has 3 modes: anti-aging Red light, Blue light to reduce acne and a mode to combine both

  • Secures with a strap so it is hands free

  • Will automatically shut off when treatment is finished

  • 4 different wave lengths: Red, Infrared, Amber & Blue

  • Medical Grade and big enough to do the whole body at once

  • Clinicaly Proven using 660nm & 850nm wavelengths

  • Has a lifespan of over 50,000 hr

  • 2 modes: Near Red & Red for specific treatemnts

  • 1000w LED power

  • Total LEDs: 5 Watts x 200

  • 4 cooling fans


The Novaa Deep Healing Red Light Therapy At Home Pad.

belt with red led therapy built in

All three of our favourite red light therapy at home devices are great in different ways, but for us the Novaa won the day. Its applied using a belt that enables it to be placed virtually anywhere on the body, which not many other products on the market can do. As you can see in the pictures it being used on the shoulders, back, neck, knees, hands and feet. It could also be hung up to do the face too.

Apart from its wide range of use, its closer contact to the skin also means a deeper penetration and thus more effective in most cases.

To add even more to its flexibility you can charge the belt via USB meaning you can take it anywhere is you use a portable USB power bank.

Delivers results

They have over 1000 reviews on their website from happy customers some claiming to be pain free after using it for just 10 days. They also offer a refund if you are not pain free in 60 days.

The Novaa Belt is FDA approved and has 120 x 660 nm lights + 240 x Infrared 850 nm lights for a total of 360 lights. The Irradiance Power is 200 mW / cm² @ 0 inch, 120 mW / cm² @ 1 inch, 45 mW / cm² @ 3 inch and 25 mW / cm² at 6 inches, which is impressive.

The lifetime of the lights is 50,000 hours + so you will never have to worry about its longevity.

If you are looking to use Red light therapy at home then we think the Novaa Belt offers the most practicality of any device on the market. if you are looking for a device especially to target anti-aging on the face then the Dr Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite Faceware Pro may be better for you. It is specifically designed for the job and will give better results in this specific area. Check it out below.



  • Can be charged via USB mobiler phone battery bank so you can take it anywhere

  • Can be used on almost all body areas

  • Has over 360 LED for a large area of coverage

  • Deep penetration

  • Can do other things while wearing the device

  • Can't do full body at once

Editors 2nd Choice

Dr Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite Faceware Pro Red Light Therapy at Home Mask.

Mask used for red light therapy at home.

If you are looking to use Red light therapy at home to target specifically your face for anti-aging, then the Dr Dennis Gross spectralite Faceware Pro is in our opinion the best mask available.

The mask has not only 100 Red LED lights but also 62 Blue LED lights.

Red Lights

The Red lights fight against wrinkles, builds collagen levels and increase skin density. The light from the Red LED lights also reduces spots caused by the sun or age and reduces colouration.

Blue Lights

The Blue lights fight and treat acne.

The mask has 3 different modes; one uses just the Red, one just the blue and a third that uses both, to fight anti-aging and acne at the same time. We couldn’t find any other mask offering this many lights and with both functions.

The mask can also target the neck when turned upside down and moved down adding a little to its flexibility.

Study Results

According the the studies done by them 97% showed improvement in wrinkles, skin tone and fine lines after 10 week, which is pretty amazing.

The results for the acne studies were just as impressive. The Blue light acts by destroying the bacteria that causes acne, and the Red light evens the texture and tone of the skin. preventing the acne returning.
This resulted in 97% showing an improvement in their acne after just 2 weeks.

As a dermatologist Dr Dennis Gross’s products are research backed and are all pharmaceutical-grade, so the quality of his products are the best quality available on the market. This was one of the main reasons we chose it, you know you are buying a quality product that does exactly what it claims to do.



  • FDA approved

  • Red & Blue light treatment

  • Fights anti-aging

  • Can treat acne

  • Reasearch backed

  • Only treats the face & neck

Editors 3rd Choice

The Hooga HG1000

Hooga HG1000 being used

We chose the HG1000 model as it has a similar amount of LED lights a the others. There are smaller and larger models available, but this model fell in a similar price range as the other two devices in our line up.


The HG is more powerful than the Noova even though it has only 200 lights, delivering a Higher power of 119 mW / cm² @ 3 inch and delivers a bigger coverage area. Again, with the three products we chose they are all great at there specific applications. Of all the panel devices, the Hooga panel range are the strongest red light therapy at home device.


The Hooga HG1000 is powerful and has a wider spread of light but when it comes to flexibility the Novaa came out better. Although the Novaa was less powerful it was able to penetrate deeper due to it being closer to the skin, making it better for targeted treatment and the Hooga better for wider body coverage.


The Hooga range are the most powerful medical grade red light therapy devices around for use at home, it emits 660nm and 850 red and near infrared that studies have proven to be the the most effective wavelengths of red light therapy.


We see the panel devices being used best for people looking to improve recovery time after exercise, you can even uses it while exercising saving time. Because the HG1000 panel emits red light over a large area you can just about able to cover the whole body at once. Hooga sell them in a range of sizes but the HG1000 is the smallest that will just about do head to toe at a stretch. If you are looking specifically for a full body device we would recommend a bigger model for more effect coverage.



  • Head to toe coverage

  • Powerful at a distance

  • FDA approved

  • Great for muscle recovery

  • Can exercise at the same time

  • Treatment not as targeted as other devices

Related Information On Using Red Light Devices

What is the strongest red light therapy at home device?

The answer to this question depends on how the therapy is applied for certain treatments. If you need a specific area treated then something like the Novaa pad will be the best option. The Novaa offers closer contact to penetrate deeper in specific areas.

Full body treatment

If you require full body treatment for overall muscle recovery the a Hooga HG1000 or larger will be the most powerful red light therapy device.

Face treatment

If you only need to treat the face for anti aging or acne then a mask would be the best option. The most powerful mask for red light therapy is currently the Dr Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite FacewareE Pro.

What is the best red light therapy at home for pain?

The best Red light therapy for pain will be one that has the deepest penetration, so treatments that are applied closer to the skin will have a greater effect. If treating a larger area use a panel like the Hooga Hg series, they are so confident in their product that they offer a free refund after 60 days if you are not pain free. For pain in smaller areas use a targeted device like the Novaa Pad that straps to specific areas like the hands, feet, shoulder, neck or back, with close contact for better results.

What is the best red light therapy at home for weight loss

When using Red light therapy for weight loss there a few things to consider. Red light therapy is best used for weight loss when applied to targeted areas as appose to treating the whole body at once with a Red light panel. Red light therapy belts are often the best for targeted weight loss, as the can be applied to most parts of the body and the close contact can target the fat just below the skin.

What is the best red light therapy at home for the face

If you are looking for a Red light therapy device to target just the face then using a Red light therapy mask would be the best option. Not all masks are the same, some have Red LED lights, some Blue lights and some have both Depending what therapy you require on you face. You can see some Red light therapy before and after pictures here.

Blue therapy

The Blue light would be beneficial for people seeking relief from acne.

Red Therapy

The Red light would be good for people look to reduce the signs of aging, sun damage and to increase collagen

There are masks that provide both Red and Blue therapies like the Dr Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite FacewareE Pro. Created by a dermatologist with study backed results, it is the best for Red light therapy at home for the face.

Does it improve recovery time?

This increase in cellular energy has been shown to produce a wide range of health benefits, from improving muscle recovery time to stimulating collagen production and reducing wrinkles. Red light therapy is also used to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and speed up healing time for wounds, scars or stretch marks. Additionally, this type of treatment is known for its anti-aging and skin rejuvenation benefits due to increased collagen production.

Correct dosages

When using red light therapy at home devices you need to make sure that you’re getting beneficial doses, as recommended by manufacturer instructions. The most important factor is getting enough exposure at the right wavelength. Generally speaking, at-home devices use low level laser therapy (LLLT) with wavelengths typically ranging from 630 nm – 810 nm. It’s important that you understand how much power your device emits at each wavelength, in order to get the most out of your treatments at home.

Things to consider

You’ll also want to pay attention to other features such as coverage area, portability and convenience when choosing an at-home red light therapy device for optimal results. Many devices have built-in timers so that you can easily set it up and go about your day, without having to worry about over or under exposure during treatment sessions. Overall, at-home red light therapy devices can be a great way to improve your overall health and wellbeing, while saving money on expensive clinical treatments.

How often should I use Red light therapy At Home?

There’s no hard and fast recommendation for the frequency of red light therapy use, although most devices recommend once daily, for around 15 minutes, for best results. Some of the devices automatically switch off when a set period of time has passed. We strongly encourage checking the specific instructions for your chosen device and following the recommended usage. If you see a dermatologist, take your device to them for assessment before using and following their advice in regards to usage. 

Targeted treatments

Targeted treatments can be repeated three to five times per week until you experience a noticeable improvement in the condition you’re treating. Then you could possibly reduce that to 2 days pout of 7 for maintenance.

General use

Red light therapy at home is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers a safe, non-invasive and effective solution to many health and beauty concerns. The exact frequency of red light therapy use can vary depending on the device, and the condition being treated. Most devices recommend at least 15 minutes of at-home red light therapy use per day for best results. Additionally, many devices will automatically shut off after a certain pre-set amount of time has passed.

At home use

When using at-home red light therapy for targeted treatments such as wrinkles or acne scarring, it is recommended that treatments be repeated three to five times per week until there is a noticeable improvement, then treatment frequency can be reduced to two days per week for maintenance purposes.


When using red light therapy at home, it’s important to discuss any medical concerns with your doctor or dermatologist before beginning treatment. Additionally, we recommend that you check the specific instructions provided with your at-home device of choice prior to beginning treatment, and follow those instructions carefully in order to ensure optimal results.

Which type of Red light therapy At Home device is best?

Red light therapy is increasingly becoming popular for its numerous benefits, especially at home. Devices used in red light therapy come in different forms such as masks, wands and panels. Each of these devices has its own unique benefit that has been proven to improve skin health and overall wellness.

Red Light Therapy At Home Masks

The Red Light Therapy Mask covers your face with red light emitting diodes (LEDs), to penetrate the skin at deeper levels than other at home devices. It reduces wrinkles and improve skin texture by stimulating collagen production. The red light mask has been suggested to help reduce acne and inflammation, as well as increase circulation.

Red Light Therapy At Home Wands

A Red Light Therapy Wand is an at-home device that focuses on specific areas of the body at a time, such as eyes or forehead wrinkles. This device is easy to use without having to wear a full-face mask device. It is great for reducing age spots, smoothing fine lines around the eyes, and improving overall skin tone.

Red Light Therapy At Home Panels

The Red Light Therapy Panel is designed for larger applications, where more coverage is required for results. It is usually wall mounted or placed onto a stand to avoid moving around too much during usage sessions. The panel shines large amounts of red light at once over larger portions of the body, which makes it ideal for people who have larger surface area needs.


In conclusion, each type of at home red-light therapy device offers wonderful benefits for those looking for improved skin health, and overall wellness from the comfort of their own homes. Masks offer whole face coverage while wands offer targeted treatments over small areas at once and panels give you the ability to treat large surface areas. With so many available options out there now you’re sure find one that fits your individual needs perfectly.

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