Results – Red Light Therapy Before And After Therapy

Here we will be looking at some examples of Red light therapy before and after treatment.

Dr Dennis Gross Mask Red Light Therapy Before and After

This particular Red light face mask has been created by a dermatologist and has had numerous studies done on it with very promising results. It claims to have a dramatic effect on acne thanks to the Blue spectrum light, and the Red light therapy has shown to reduce wrinkles, repair sun damage and generally reduce the signs of aging.


The Dr Dennis Gross Mask, and in fact most of his products have an extremely good reputation because of the rigorous testing they are put through and the results they have achieved. You only have to check the customer reviews to see that it delivers real world result, which is no mean feat in the beauty industry.

Results Of Red Light Therapy Before And After For Acne

These first pictures are the results of Red light therapy before and after for acne from their website. As you can see the redness, swelling and the acne its self have virtually disappeared. It does not state the length of time the treatment was to get these results, but the product definitely does the job.

Results Of Red Light Therapy Before And After For Anti-aging

These pictures are the results of Red light therapy for anti-aging. Again the length of time it took to gain these results is not stated but the results are impressive.

Anti-aging red light therapy treatment, before and after.

As you can see the wrinkles are significantly reduced, as are the age spots. The skin also appears smoother which is due the the increase in collagen, which is just one of the benefits of Red light therapy.

These are examples are the visible results of Red light therapy, but there are also a lot of non visible results like muscle recovery and joint pain.

Red Light Therapy Before And After Results For Muscle Recovery And Joint Pain

The only way to really see the effectiveness of Red light therapy on Muscles and joints to look at all the customer reviews from people using the devices. Here are some customer reviews from some of the devices we recommend.

Hooga HG1000 Reviews Before and After Red Light Therapy

Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Hooga Red light therapy devices have hundreds of positive reviews and this is down to the high power the panels deliver over a large are.

Novaa Deep Healing Pad Reviews Before and After Red Light Therapy

The Novaalab Devices come well recommended by experts as well as the general consumer. Here are some reviews from professionals and Doctors.

Reviews from the professionals for Novaa lab.

Red light therapy has been proven to work through studies and the results speak for themselves. For it to work effectively it is important to choose the right device for the specific treatment. For help on choosing the right device see our review of Red light therapy products.

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